What Do Your Teeth Tell the World?

When you smile at someone for the first time, you are telling that person a little bit about yourself. It might not be fair, but the truth is people are judged every day based on their physical appearance.

Did you know people with straight teeth are perceived as being more successful, smarter and more appealing to the opposite sex? These surface-level observations are only the beginning when it comes to what your teeth say about you.

In fact, many of the people you interact with on a daily basis may not even realize they are drawing conclusions based on the shape, color and size of your teeth.

Think about your canines, for instance. People with prominent, pointy and long incisors are perceived as being more powerful, even aggressive. Flattened or rounded canines indicate passivity and small teeth give people the impression that someone is weak-minded, or a pushover.

What Else Are Your Teeth Saying About You?

Take a look at this research Carrington College collected to get a further idea about what assumptions people could be making based on your teeth. You may be surprised by what you find.

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